soft mobility

  • Exhibition: “Daily mobility, why and how to change? »,movie
  • Exhibition, film: “Travel diaries of a tour of Europe on a solar bike”
  • Presentation of soft vehicles
  • Participation in events: Ecological Solutions Festival, Bike Festival, Mobility Week…
  • Publication of travel stories on solar bikes: http://www.aventures-solaires. en


the solar cycling community

  • Creation of a collaborative site for sharing knowledge and experience on the solar bike: https: //
  • Internship to help build solar bikes <Register>
  • Participation in events around ecology: Salon Primevère in Lyon…
  • Participation in the Solar Bike Rally on Sun Trip
The association AMobiSol aims to promote soft active mobility including those powered by solar energy.

Faced with climate and environmental challenges, we are convinced that it is possible to develop new, less energy-intensive modes of transport. Through our actions, we want to raise questions and encourage individual and collective change.

You wish to participate in the association, to know more details about our activities, exhibitions, to organize an event within your association… feel free to contact us :

Join our association

through the social and solidarity platform Helloasso :

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