Newsletter n°4 of February 9, 2024


The association celebrated its 1st anniversary, it has 142 members (e)s !

On January 26, our general assembly allowed us to take stock of our first year of action and outline the prospects for 2024. Thank you to those who participated or entrusted their power to an agent.

The 2023 grant from the City of Dijon allowed us to acquire 2 classic bicycles which we are transforming into an electrically assisted bicycle (VAE).

The City of Talant will grant us a subsidy in 2024 which will allow us to acquire 3 bicycles and 3 electrical assistance kits. This fleet of 5 VAEs will be used both for the “Learn to convert a bicycle into an VAE ” workshops and operations strong>“ Aweek without my car”during which Amobisol will lend VAEs to volunteers.

To complete this fleet, Amobisol wishes to acquire a cargo bike for family use (1 parent and 2 children). If the financing search is successful, the acquisition will involve a cargo bike built by the company Douze Cycles in its workshops in Dijon Métropole.

Action program 2024

January 20 in partnership with Talant
Workshop «Learn to convert a bicycle into an electrically assisted bicycle » The morning was devoted to technical information (24 people), the afternoon to the collaborative workshop where the participants installed, on 3 bicycles, a motor kit and battery. (16 participants divided into 3 groups). The participants showed great interest in this event. The regional daily “Le Bien Public” published a very comprehensive one-page report.

February 9 in Manosque
At the Polyvalent High School Iscles, a presentation day allowed students to discover the solar bike as a new form of travel mobility as part of the program relating to sustainable development. Thanks to Émile Rivoire for his initiative with teachers in Industrial Engineering Sciences!

April 8 in Daix
An event to which the press will be invited will mark the departure of Jean-Louis Mérelle for a great adventure on a solar bike: he will join Lyon to meet all the participants of the Sun Trip Sahara 2024. Then, April 12 will be the big start for this France-Morocco journey.

April 13 in Dijon
The workshop “Learn to convert a bicycle into an electrically assisted bicycle” will be taken back to the MJC Center social Montchapet in Dijon. 3 members will come with their bike and their kit and everyone will participate in the installation. 3 volunteers from Amobisol will provide supervision.

As part of “May by bike”

May 3 in Arnay-le-Duc
Screening of the film “Turn towards the future: rural mobility, alternatives to individual cars” ;» distributed by the association Innovation Véhicules Doux. Exchanges with the public – Exhibition on soft mobility – Dinner aperitif.
Evening organized as part of the Popular Universities of the Arnay region in partnership with the Arnay-le-Duc Social Center and the Festiv’Artnay association .

May 25 in Longvic
Participation in a cycling event organized by the City of Longvic. We will offer information and awareness about soft mobility and the exhibition “Tour of Europe by solar bike: travel diaries”.

From May 27 to 30 in Dijon, Salle de la Coupole
Exhibition “Tour of Europe by solar bike: travel diaries” , guided tours and conference in partnership with the Maison de la Méditerranée, as part of the “European Spring” organized by the City and Metropolis of Dijon.

From June and during the summer
The “solar bike” section of the association will publish proposals for shared hikes in regions of France or other countries such as Italy.

Mid September in Talant
Operation “a week without my car” organized by Talant Town Hall, in partnership with Amobisol which will loan its electrically assisted bicycles. The operation will be accompanied by exhibitions, film screenings, Mobility Fresco workshop, etc.

A look back at fall 2023 actions

September 3
Amobisol participated in the Dijon Vélotour event with 2 solar bikes. With the idea of sparking discussions around cycling in all its forms, electric bike, cargo bike… for everyday trips or travel… A winning bet, even if we were not able to meet each of the approximately 5,000 participants ! Jean-Louis received Public Good honors for his bike customized with sunflowers: quite a symbol!

September 10 in Dijon
We participated in the “Grand Déj’”, a forum which brings together each year 220 associations from Burgundy and some 10,000 visitors. Solar bikes and portraits of soft mobility users attracted the public to our stand. Presentation of our animation projects.

December 15
Two members of the association participated in the Citizens’ Convention for Climate and Biodiversity, organized by the Burgundy Regional Council. In the workshop “I’m moving, what individual solutions?”, we presented our objectives of raising awareness and supporting change. Our discussions with participants confronted us with a wide diversity of points of view. If urban residents were more sensitive to Amobisol’s proposals, rural residents, on the other hand, were more sensitive to Citiz’s car-sharing solution. This experience will lead us to clarify and adapt our argument and reinforces our current actions.

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