A new educational bamboo trailer!

Last spring, we built an “educational” trailer: while attracting attention with a large banner, it showed how a solar bike works. AMOBISOL used it a lot during the events in which we participated: May by bike, Spring of Europe, Tour of Europe exhibition on a solar bike, etc… However, this trailer turned out to be quite heavy (because it was built in recycled steel tubes) and not always very stable despite being on 2 wheels.

For an eco-responsible design, we have chosen bamboo as the base material for the construction. In the end, this single-wheel trailer turns out to be much lighter (6.2 kg without the drawbar and the panels). On the road and in town, it behaves well, it is very pleasant to drive.
There is no doubt that you will see it on our next animations, starting with:
Dijon Vélo Tour on Sunday September 3,
– the Grand Déj des associations Sunday, September 10, at the Parc de la Toison d’Or in Dijon.

We plan to offer a new weekend of initiation to the creation of solar bikes (like the one in February 2023). We could also offer a solar trailer construction weekend if people are interested (please let us know by email).

Read more about building this trailer:

Bamboo solar trailer

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