The Sun Trip, a solar bikes rally

Created in 2013 by Florian Bailly, the Sun Trip is a rally of solar bikes whose ambition is to promote this new form of mobility. Participants follow a free route between compulsory passage points. Each participant thus becomes an ambassador of ecomobility, demonstrating the efficiency of this source of renewable energy. The different editions offer very varied routes, from the most accessible to the most demanding, each one brings together around forty participants in a very friendly atmosphere.

The next two editions will take place in 2023, one through the Alps (3000 km through Austria, Slovenia, Switzerland, Italy and France), the second in California.
If you feel like it, here is the link to find out more and register: TheSunTrip

Departure of Sun Trip 2018 France-China
Sun Trip 2019: women, men and even children!
Sun Trip 2020: a deep breath after six weeks of confination
Sun Trip 2017: each edition is a great moment of conviviality !
AnnéeParcours de l’éditionDistance
2013Lyon – Astana (Kazakhstan)8000 km
2015Milano – Turkey – Milano7500 km
2017Tour in Auvergne Rhône-Alpes1200 km
2018Lyon – Guangzhou (China)12 000km
2019Tour in Auvergne Rhône-Alpes1500 km
2019Tour in Corsica1000 km
2020Tour of France4000 km
2021Tour of Europe (more than 20 countries)11000 km
2021Tour in Brittany1500 km
2021Tour in Corsica1000 km
2022Tour of Alpes (Switzerland, Austria, Slovenia, Italy)3500 km
2022Tour in California600 km
2022Tour in Corsica1000 km
2023Tour of Alpes – new parcours3500 km
2023Tour in California1000 km
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