Joining the association, why ?

Each member provides the association with financial support through their contribution and credibility with partners and communities.
For you, membership brings the following benefits:

  • periodic information on the actions of the association,
  • possible participation in events,
  • volunteering, preparation of actions, contribution of skills, for example in computer graphics…
  • help with designing a solar bike (list of resource people to contact),
  • support and the loan of communication media (posters, kakemono, etc.) if the member wishes to organize an information and awareness-raising action:
    • 1 exhibition kit on soft and solar mobility: 8 posters on 80x120cm PVC tarpaulin;
    • 1 exhibition kit “Travel diary of a tour of Europe on a solar bike”: 15 posters on PVC tarpaulin 80x120cm, 1 presentation poster, 1 educational sheet for children aged 8-12, flyer, press release, slideshow sound system;
    • documentary films
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